Deep relaxation
in the wellness hotel TIROLERHOF

Our Massage Offers

Partial massage € 40,00- 25 min.

This massage covers only a part of your body, focusing on the parts that need the most attention as well as your wishes – mostly, the back is targeted.

Full-body massage € 65,00- 50 min.

This massage covers the entire body, following a classical massage technique that causes deep relaxation. It is ideally suited for harmonization and regeneration.

Sports massage € 65,00- 50 min.

A full-body massage that promotes circulation. The effects of the sports massage target an improvement of the oxygen supply and the blood flow, the so-called hyperemia, and better nutrition of the skin and muscles, which is also promoted through warmth at the end of the massage.

Anti-stress massage
(back, neck, head and face) € 65,00- 50 min.

The anti-stress massage helps to relieve stress effectively. Aroma oils and proficient, sensitive massage techniques let body and soul relax deeply. The body will be set to idle state to forget everyday worries. Selected aroma oils unfold their soothing, relaxing effect and a special massage treats calluses and reliefs painful muscle tensions.

Foot reflexology € 65,00- 50 min.

Foot reflexology is a gentle but very effective treatment that promotes the healing capacity of your own body. Blockages can be solved by massaging the feet and the energy flow can be restored. The treatment of the feet promotes general wellbeing.

Manual lymph drainage € 65,00- 50 min.

A lymph drainage is a gentle massage technique, a very effective method to remove blockages and relief pain when the lymph system suffers from functional disorders. It calms the vegetative nervous system, activates the lymphatic system, detoxes the body, drains the tissue and boosts the immune system.

Dorn method and Breuss massage € 115,00- 80 min.

The Dorn-Breuss massage is an especially gentle and energetic back massage that is implemented against muscle tensions and for the regeneration of malnourished intervertebral discs. The spine is effectively treated and muscle tensions are relieved.

Combined massage € 65,00- 50 min.

Foot reflexology and back massage

Kinesiology Taping € 8,00-

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